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Cans Box Set

Model Number O001
Weight Package 465g/16.4oz, Sencha 6g/0.21oz, Houjicha 5g/0.18oz(each 10 pics)
Dimensions 233.00 mm×130.00 mm×82.00 mm
Price USD $26.45

Available Options

  • 1st kind of tea (left) *required

    1st kind of tea (left) is required.

  • 2nd kind of tea (middle) *required

    2nd kind of tea (middle) is required.

  • 3rd kind of tea (right) *required

    3rd kind of tea (right) is required.

Product Details

This set includes 3 cans of different color. Feel free to choose your favorite tea to fill each can.
Each can holds 10 tetra tea bags.

*Note: The price shown is the price of the box and cans. The price of tea will be added separately when chosen.