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Privacy Policy

Personal information protection policy

  • Kouroen requests the minimal amount of personal information to ensure the ease of everyone.
  • Kouroen pays the highest amount of attention to the protection of personal information.
  • Kouroen’s approach for protecting personal information is as follows.

  • In our company, the registered personal information of members, organizations and legal persons will be used for provision of new services and development of new functions. We take extreme care in protecting personal information of our members.
  • This privacy policy applies only to services provided by Kouroen (the scope of application is stipulated in item 1 below)
  • Except in the circumstances stipulated in this agreement, personal information will not be used for anything other than its purpose (the purpose is stipulated in item 2 below)
  • Except in the circumstances stipulated in this agreement, personal information will not be disclosed to third parties (management of personal information is stipulated in item 2 below)
  • Other suitable management measures as stipulated in this agreement will be carried out on a regular basis.
  • Kouroen may amend this privacy policy without the permission of its users.
  • Kouroen will, through our website and this privacy policy, publicize changes in the content of personal information requested, the content of personal information disclosed and methods of usage .

1. The scope of application of Kouroen’s privacy policy approach

  • Kouroen’s privacy policy approach is applicable when members uses Kouroen’s service.
  • The personal information collected during member’s usage of Kouroen’s service will be managed by Kouroen’s approach for personal information protection.
  • Kouroen’s personal information protection approach is applicable only to services directly provided by Kouroen. Services provided by other organizations or companies accessible through our links fall outside of the scope of application.
  • Users uses Kouroen’s services at their own risk.
  • Information found on other homepages accessible through links on our company’s homepage shall be used at the user’s own risk. Kouroen will not bear any responsibility for damages occurring due to such use.

2. Kouroen’s collection and use of personal information

  • For the provision of new services and development of new functions. it is necessary for members to provide Kouroen with several pieces of personal information.
  • It is the user’s own responsibility to manage their shop ID and password.
    • Please change the password regularly. We advise against choosing the password from readily inferrable names, birth dates, phone numbers etc.
    • Also, please do not disclose, lend or transfer the password to friends and acquaintances.
    • Please do not write your password into inquiry emails and or Q&As on our homepage.
  • Circumstances where a member is taken to agree to the use of his personal information.
    • When an email is received from the member agreeing to a certain usage.
    • When it is necessary to disclose such information as needed to companies which signed non-disclosure agreements with our company.
    • When our company or our business partners send emails or direct mails for advertising purposes to the member.
    • When, upon the member breaching Kouroen’s policies and notices or terms of service, Kouroen asks for recognition for the necessity to protect other members, third parties and our company’s rights and assets.
    • When there is need for the disclosure of personal information in accordance with an order of a court or an administrative organ, or stipulations in law, during investigation of crimes, for the protection of rights of third parties, and in such other circumstances where there is a necessity to do so.
  • Members agree in advance to the above-stipulated method for usage of personal information without objection.
  • Moreover, Kouroen will share with our business partners personal information of our members in the following circumstances.
    • When there is special service for our members or when business reasons require it. In such circumstances we will ask for the consent of the member. If no consent is given, the information will not be supplied.
    • When compiling statistics, doing market research and data analysis. In such circumstances only information the owners of which have been made indistinguishable will be provided.

3. References

If there is any ambiguity in the approach for personal information as described, please inquire at the following email address.