Zen Kyoto

About Us

Kouroen is an age-old tea company established in Meiji 36. Our tea is grown in an environment most suitable for tea cultivation since ancient times. As we want you to experience the great taste of our unique, fine tea, we deliver our tea to everyone fresh from the farm.

With “koro-chan hospitality” and the importance of customer relationship in mind, we endeavor to create our tea with heart.

Company owner Hisao Enoki

Dealer: Kouroen Inc.
Director: Hisao Enoki
Location: 46 Bridge Koaza stage Tachikawa Oaza Ujitawara Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto Prefecture 〒 610-0231
Telephone No. +81 0774-88-2035
Fax No. +81 0774-88-3721
Email: info@zen-kyoto.com